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Security Guards:

Security companies offer live human guards in all seven cities of Solano. Learn how to hire security guards, and California requirements for security guards. Do you seek unarmed or armed security guards? What roles and expectations do you have for security staff? Protection agencies pay their guards’ salaries, benefits, plus manager salaries, office space, overhead. Ask security 

guard companies you interview what to expect.

CSelf Installation?o Protection Agency list under review Fairfield, Suisun, Vacaville, Dixon, Vallejo, Benicia, Rio Vista

Security System Installers:

• Solano Security System Installation Company list under review in Fairfield, Suisun, Vacaville, Dixon, 

Vallejo, Benicia and Rio Vista, CA

Security System Monitoring Services:

Solano Security System Installation Company list 

under review in Fairfield, Suisun, Vacaville, 

Dixon, Vallejo, Benicia and Rio Vista, CA

DIY Self Installation?

Many try this with questionable results. It can save you money and be worth it if you don’t need the security technology from the best security installation companies.

Looking For A Security Co In Fairfield, Suisun, Vacaville, Dixon, Vallejo or Napa?

Free Security Service Provider Networking

Connect in Fairfield with, and learn from, 

companies offering security related services. Residential and commercial real estate owners also welcome.

 Workshops on security system design choices at Solano Business Incubator, Division of California Business Center, Inc, 1652 West Texas Street, Fairfield, California – ½ mile from I-80. Relies in Fairfield conference room rentals at, plus office space rentals

Prosecuting Criminals: Fairfield attorneys working at the Solano Court House rent Fairfield deposition rooms

Firearm instruction classes by retired police officer(s). Learn how to use guns responsibly. Getting county gun permits, plus city gun permits in American Canyon, 

Benicia, Fairfield, Richmond, Rio Vista, 

Suisun, Vacaville, Vallejo, Napa County.

 Fairfield Hub ™ networking with fellow entrepreneurs, startups and growing security companies See Dislaimer.

Outsmart Criminals With Sophisticated Security Systems, Moni

Today's Security System Technology Options

Tips & Partial Check List If Buying A Security System

Sensor Security:

-  Proximity key fobs

-  Fire, glass breakage, other sensors

CCTV (less so sensor control):

-  Track cars or people up to driveway. 

-  Strange walking behavior: drunk transient?

-  Expandable for future upgrades?


-  What and how you will monitor. The 5 W’s: What, Where, When, How, Why…

-  Notify when homeless hangs out at: top of stairs

-  Your monitoring monthly cost.

-  Letting tenants who forgot exterior keys. Interior access too problematic even if they have suite specific key fob?

-  If monitoring company doesn’t continue monitoring (for whatever reason) what are customer’s options?

Functions In General:

-  Two way talking

-  Expandable

-  Newer system won’t be phased out. But bugs removed from a brand new system.

General Issues:

-  Costs per security aspect

-  Battery backups

-  Is the Solano security company licensed? Are they authorized resellers of security equipment?

-  What else does the security company of your choice suggest?


Solano Inventors Powering World Security Technology

Solano Security Encyclopedia

Glossary of Security Terms From Solano’s Security Encyclopedia

• Arming: Activating the security system.

• Central Monitoring Station: Monitoring your Solano security system in Benicia, Dixon, Fairfield, Rio Vista, Suisun, Vacaville or Vallejo. But monitored remotely such as from outside the county.

• CCTV: Closed Circuit Television. Solano video surveillance systems.

• Contacts: Detectors registering the opening of something like doors and windows.

• Disarm: Deactivating the security system.

• Dummy Camera: Fake cameras. Real camera’s might be much better.

• Duress Alarm: A device activated when one is in trouble. Or perhaps an unwanted event is observed or detected which triggers a response.

• Delay Of Entry or Exit: A designated time allowing a user to enter without issuing an alarm to your Solano security company. You may a designated period of time to leave the house or Solano commercial real estate property without triggering the alarm.

• IP Cameras: Digital cameras which can be more advanced and more expensive than analogue cameras. IP Cameras stand for Internet Protocol (IP). They can transmit video in digital format through a digital network or internet.

• Partition Zone: A zone that can be armed or disarmed separately from other zones. This is different from a geographic zone. A geographic zone can be say downtown Fairfield, or 100 meters around the Vacaville fire station.  Or designated by San Francisco East Bay city such as Benicia, Crocket, Fairfield, Richmond, Vacaville or Vallejo, California.

• Seismic Sensor: May detect vibrations caused by breaking glass, earth tremors, or other non-ordinary pulsations. Will it wake you up when someone physically breaks into your real estate? 

• Pattern Recognition: Innovation Institute ™ in Fairfield conceived many security inventions that recognize usual patterns that suggest criminal intent. Non typical patterns which suggest illicit behavior might include: people walking late at night where few walk at such hour, or strange patterns in who seeks access to which locations. It uses Behavior Analyzer ™ and Tracking ™ to recognize strange patterns.  Adaptation ™ also conceived in Fairfield and Suisun uses machine learning to determine what patterns are out of the ordinary. Theoretically it even catches people copying other’s security inventions in the form of intellectual property.

• Police Station Ratings: Police can come to your property when the system notifies them. Security scoring has many ways to quantifying the effectiveness of Solano police officers such as the speed of their response. Behavior Analyzer ™ automates their scores based on the criteria in Solano’s security encyclopedia. Theoretical scoring gives good rankings to police officers in Benicia (BPD), Dixon (DPD), Fairfield (FFPD), Suisun City (SSPD) and Vacaville (VVPD). But consider police budgets as well. 

• Security Politics: Where a city decides to place more or less of its limited police staff. This influences who buys more security systems and where. City council members are beholden to voters demanding greater police and fire protection. The Solano politicians freely benefit from Steve Kays’ security encyclopedia and crime reduction strategies developed in Fairfield, Suisun ad Napa. Innovative Solano police work undercover where least expected. Many awards have gone to Fairfield PD, Suisun PD, Vacaville PD, plus Napa Sherriff and Solano FBI agents, among others. 

• Sound Analyzer ™: Microphone technology analyzes unusual sounds.  Then determines if they could signify a criminal activity happening. A main part of the Security Machine Learning Encyclopedia ™.

• Solano Security Inventions Conceived In Solano County’s Fairfield, Suisun, plus San Francisco. 500+ security elements. For example: Order & Timing ™ seeks unusual patterns suggesting illicit behavior. Then notifies the monitoring company. Uses machine learning previously called Adapt ™

• Ultrasonic Sensor: Sends a stream light or other waves. When broken (such a walked through) it is an indication of unwanted motion taking place.

• Many more to ask the Solano security company of your choice.

Future Tech For Security Companies

Details For Your Innovative Solano Security Company

If you’re already a security techie and interested in the history of security systems coming from Solano County, check into Innovation Institute’s futuristic technology:

Adaptive Monitoring™, Adaptive Tracking™ and notification systems. 

Distancer ™ (such as today’s proximity key fobs) permit entry when you are close enough to the sensor. 

Did Inventors Of World Security Tech Ever Get Paid?

Roots for much of today's security system encyclopedia were published since 1991 in the US, Europe and Tokyo. May take a patent agent to understand the significance.

Sample Security Innovations From Solano:

• Locator ™ identifies the target entity’s zone and tracks them.  

• Each person in the Multi-User system can be tracked differently based on their perceived risk score. 

• Security System Machine Learning grew out of User Information Programming ™ and Adaptation ™ being conceived since 1991.

Cutting edge electronic security and opinions catch criminals is not warranted. For example many companies adopted Adaption ™as in how machines change the perceived risk by using machine learning. Nothing about the innovations are warranted for inventorship, provisional patent infringement, or functionality. Yet Solano’s security system history is very colorful! A huge portion of of its encyclopedia may already be used in your home or business. Many are available today through the security company of your choice.

Network with security companies and other businesses for free at FairfieldHub.Com

Legal Disclaimers


Choose The Best Licensed Security Company 

Nothing Warranted

Contact Solano Security Association members directly. Association doesn’t warrant anyone. Check references, identification, license, etc. Goal is to facilitate non monitored brainstorming for security solutions, learning from each other, and security inventions and friendly networking. 

We can't endorse or recommend a security company. 

Pick one you trust by checking references, etc.

Or ask one of the 

Fairfield security companies renting office space at California Business Center near highway 80.

Solano Security Association


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World’s Security Innovations That Came From Fairfield

Fairfield Started Much Of Today's Tech


Security invention improvements researched or invented in the Heart of Fairfield www.HeartOfFairfield.Net Cyber security solutions were being invented for world use in Fairfield California before the high-tech renaissance of today’s tech. 

Network with security companies and other businesses for free at FairfieldHub.Com

Gun Shot Location Identifier Invention


Improves on locating where gun shots came from. Provides 100’s of other data to help the police. Found in Solano’s security encyclopedia. Key word search for it with “triangulation”.

Tracking Solano Criminals By Their Mannerisms


Behavior Analyzer ™ Concepts When Tracking Thieves Based On Mannerisms. Key word search for it with “Behavior Analyzer” and “Criminal”.

Have A Security Invention In Solano?


Solano Small Business Development Center offers free consulting to inventors of security and other inventions. 

Solano SBDC

Located Near Solano Business Incubator

Network with security companies and other businesses for free at FairfieldHub.Com

Camera Vision Analyzers


Adaptive Facial Recognition

The camera identifies intruders better by matching up images from criminal databases from around the world. It can catch white collar criminals from another country walking nearby in plain sight. Key word search for it with “Visual Analyzer” and “Tracking”.

Adaptive Night Vision

Better blocks out ambient light sources, focusing on what’s important.

Solano's Security Encyclopedia


Key word searching the Genius Adaptive Design patent applications takes skill. The gigantic patent applications constitute Solano's security encyclopedia at It's easier when using key word proximity search tools.  After all it was the largest security patent application known in history. It’s bigger and more detailed than most household encyclopedias of any subject.

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Many security resources for security professionals and security service clients. From Solano Security Association's Resource Site.

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